For an  Ø 24 cm logo-mp pan

225 grams of almond paste - 7 egg yolks - 5 eggs - 50 grams of sugar - 75 grams of flour - 40 grams of melted butter.

Almond paste plus egg yolks with sugar and eggs, beat from 15 to 20 minutes with an electric beater.

You will get a light paste. Then stir in the flour with a spatula and, last of all, the melted butter.

Butter a round pan and sprinkle flour in it. Fill the pan with the dough. Bake in an over at 160-170° for around 45 minutes (total time should take 1 hr). Check by sticking your knife in it. If there is still dough sticking to it, bake longer. Enjoy the cake !