For Pizza plate with holes for easy heating diam 31 cm

Crust : 375 grams of flour - 7 grams of salt - 10 grams of yeast -5 centilitres of olive oil - 2 decilitres of water

Tomato sauce : 500 grams of tomatoes - 50 grams of butter - 50 grams of shallots ½ clove of garlic - salt - pepper - olive oil

Trimmings : 300 grams of tuna in a tin in its own juice (tunny fish) - chives - 150 grams of Swiss cheese (gruyère) - 20 black olives - 3 hard-boiled eggs - fresh basil

Crust : Sift the flour on your work area. Make a depression in the centre and pour the yeast that has been dissolved into warm water, oil and salt. Work it all together to obtain a smooth dough. Then let it rest for an hour covered with a cloth.

Tomato sauce : Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and let it stew for roughly 30 minutes.

Drain the tuna. Break it up into bits and add the diced chives. Spread the dough over the pizza pan. Cover this with a layer of tomato sauce. Spread the trimmings of tuna with the chives, olives and grated cheese. Bake at 220° for 20 minutes. After cooling, add the slices of boiled egg with the fresh basil.