ASSENMAKER Autocollant-60x70mm


  • Superior quality, practically indestructible.
  • Exceptional cooking quality : The blue steel has always been the best material for traditional cooking.
  • Absorbs the heat rapidly, rather than reflecting it > Even baking and energy saving.
  • Well looked after, your pan will improve with use. Its appearance may change, nevertheless its baking properties will remain intact.
  • Complete collection with many different sizes.


PACKAGING: Above label and leaflet logo-mp with recipe and detailed instructions for use.

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Blueing steel occurs during the metallurgical procedure of forming the sheet.
After rolling, the steel sheet is annealed (heated) and water vapour is injected into the annealing oven when it reaches about 400°C.
This vapour causes the sheet to oxidise superficially. A thin layer of blue-black iron oxide will cover the surface of the steel and give it the beautiful blue and shiny appearance.
So Blue Steel is a perfectly NATURAL material and VERY DURABLE.

This layer of oxide helps to protect against rust but does not make the metal rust-free. This is why blue steel should always be greased and stored in a dry place.
Similarly, foods (breads, etc.) should not be allowed to cool in the mould as this will cause condensation.
Blue Steel is moisture sensitive: NEVER wash in the dishwasher.

This blue coating is porous and absorbs fats.
This property increases protection against rust and creates a non-stick layer thereby preventing preparations from sticking to the moulds.

Its black colour means the steel will quickly absorb heat, rather than reflect it, which means it ensures perfectly even baking and it is energy saving.

The appearance of the sheet may change, scratches from metal utensils or partial disappearance of the blue layer; this is of little importance.
Provided the mould remains greased and the conditions for use described in the instructions for use are followed, the cooking properties will remain intact.
To the contrary, Blue Steel moulds improve with use, they form a 'patina'.

Because of all its cooking properties and its strength, baking and pastry professionals use Blue Steel exclusively.
Similarly, it is also used for frying pans, crepe makers, etc. intended for professionals.

Blue steel 0.6 mm